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The title says it all, The Orc House is shutting down. This was a decision that was discussed upon by the founders and it was not an easy decision. The decision came down to a few things that we took into factor, but there were to main things that played a major role that led up to this.

Financial Difficulties

The Orc House was running purely on donations from my livestream and my own paycheck. We were gambling on the idea that if we could get the benefits up and running, it would be able to provide financial support to continue the life of the server. But due to the fact that my financial situation has taken its toll and the fact donations stopped coming in, this was inevitable. Now please keep in mind, I am not blaming anyone for the lack of donations. In fact, it may have save us from a lot of trouble, which is another half of the reason we are shutting down.

Mojang's EULA Update

Mojang recently updated their EULA, which basically forbids the making of any sort of direct profit from the server. It stunned us when we heard the news in regards to the newest update. We honestly do not know why Mojang decided to make this move. So to prevent anyone from getting anyone into trouble, we are shutting down the server.

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Because these two major factors, we are shutting down the server. We do not know if this will be a permanent closing as of yet. But we will keep an eye on any further updates on the news. Until then, I want to thank everyone who has played on the servers, along with those who volunteered to help make this possible, and I would like to thank all the livestreamers who streamed on the server.

Thank you all once again, you are all amazing.

- xXDakkaDakkaXx, Owner of The Orc House

Minigames integration

AnUnknownDev Admin posted Apr 19, 14
A few of you readers might know by now, but for the majority of everyone. Most are not aware of our upcoming transition from Survival and Creative to Minigames only. This is due to the budget situation that is currently being faced by the staff of TOH. And minigames will hopefully appeal to the bigger majority.

What will happen to the Survival and Creative worlds?

They will be available for download via Mediafire when we make the switch. And will be forever.

Will they ever return?

Yes it will! The ETA for it is unknown as of now. But when we do, it'll most likely be the same world!

What kind of minigames will be available?

They will be revealed eventually. The first one will be in Alpha soon.

Hope to see you around!

~AnUnknownMiner - Administrator

~ xXDakkaXx - Owner

For reals this time. The Orc House is currently developing a custom minigame that you won't find anywhere else! Featuring custom maps and concepts. You'll have no idea what you're even doing! The current status of the plugin is still in development (Indev stage), but we hope to roll out into Alpha stage very soon! And Horde Masters (Donors) will have access to private testing and match sessions with other donors and staff before the game's initial release!

What to keep up with everything TOH?


A Public Apology

DakkaDakka Admin posted Mar 1, 14
As many of you know, it has come to light that one of our own has been griefing and harassing the players on the server. The person who was guilty of breaking the rules has been removed from their position and has banned from the server. I never wanted this to happen on my own server and I am greatly saddened and angered that it happened.

I expect all of our staff members to act in a mature manner and be respectful to one another. If anyone ever abuses their power, I personally ask that you contact me or AnUnknownMiner. We want this to be an enjoyable experience for everyone and we will not tolerate this sort of abuse.

On behalf of all the staff of The Orc House and I personally apologize for what has happened. We will move forward from this experience and make sure this sort of thing does not happen again.

- xXDakkaDakkaXx, Owner of The Orc House

A Couple Of Bandages...

AnUnknownDev Admin posted Feb 27, 14
Recently, it has been discovered by TOH Staff that a bug in our server caused most of the dark wood to disappear. There are still chunks with it on the Survival world, but are pretty far out. 
If you have been affected by this bug. You might entitled to a small reward as a "We're Sorry" gift. 

In order to to receive this, you must report it to a Moderator or a Administrator. And a decision will be made from then on. Just to note; Moderators will NOT decide the compensation.

If you have any questions regarding this, please leave a comment. Or contact us!

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